The weather has been so nice lately. Probably because Autumn has come to town. Get cozy out on your porch or patio with these Royal VKB mood flame tea light holders. The mood flame is an extraordinary tea light holder. It is made in its entirety of silicone, an illuminating material which is heat, as well as flame, resistant and gives a special effect while burning a tea light. Whether in the garden, on the terrace, or indoors an intimate atmosphere can be created in a jiffy with the mood flame. The mood flame is intended for burning a standard tea light. Tea light not included. LBC Modern offers the mood flame in 4 colors: cerise, green, taupe and white. Royal VKB is a combination of traditional craftsmanship with the most modern techniques is found in the manner in which they develop their products and bring them onto the market. Over the past 5 years, Royal VKB has demonstrated that it has an awareness of how people live and deal with specific everyday problematic situations. They make people conscious of the subconscious and prefer to do that in a way that fits in with what people want and what they find pleasurable. In their view, the combination of innovation, design and lifestyle continues to be the correct way of providing a solution to the present-day need. This is so that, when patterns change within society, space is automatically created for more innovative products.