LBC Modern carries 6 beautiful office items from the Blomus AKTO line. These items are perfect back to school items for your dorm room or schooling needs. Designed by J.R. Schebendach, there is a filing tray, a pen holder, a notepad holder, a paper clip holder, a tape dispenser and a stapler. The AKTO filing tray will keep your papers in a neat stack. Made of stainless steel, this tray will add a stylish and contemporary touch to any space. The trays are stackable, so buy as many as you want as they will not take up any space at all. The AKTO pen holder is made of stainless steel and is a stylish way to keep your pens and pencils organized. It features a cylindrical construction and is ideal for the home, dorm or office. The AKTO notepad holder ensures that note-sized sheets of paper are always readily available. Made of stainless steel, this notepad holder will help keep you organized and keep your tabletops neat. The AKTO magnetic paper clip holder prevents paper clips from scattering across your desk. Made of stainless steel and a magnetic pad, it also provides immediate paper clip access with a modern style. The AKTO tape dispenser is made of stainless steel which adds an element of sophistication to any desktop. It dispenses tape from a unique and modern holder. The AKTO stapler features a durable steel body in a sharp contemporary design that aides in desktop tidiness. Get your Blomus AKTO items today.