Eva Solo products feature sleek designs, distinct lines while maintaining practicality to assist all of your home and entertainment needs. Peruse the many different products that Eva Solo carries to find just what you need. Planning on doing some summertime entertaining? You can add a touch of outdoor elegance with the Eva Solo bird feeder. The mini bird feeders from Eva Solo are popular feeding stations for small birds and help them through the winter. The bird feeders are designed to resemble a weaver bird's nest, and are made of clear glass so you can observe visiting birds. They are both charming and decorative, and ready to hang in the garden or on the balcony. The mini bird feeders match the other products in Eva Solo's outdoor range. At LBC Modern, we also have the Eva Solo bird tables which stake into the ground if you would rather not hang the bird feeders. The birdseed dispenses automatically from the hand-blown glass container. The stainless steel rod is easily pushed into the ground. You can bird watch in your back yard without leaving your patio.