LBC Modern has a fun cozy and colorful area rug from Design House. Lena Bergström has used the same high-quality wool for her Uman rugs as she did with Björk, and thus they have the same natural softness and resistance to dirt. It also comes with Björk’s characteristic leather edging. “Uman is the Sami word for Umeå Ålv, the river that runs straight through northern Sweden. Just like the river, Uman demands space. It wants to be seen. One could say that Uman is a colourful cousin of the Björk rugs. You can see the family resemblance in the leather edging and the flat textile surface. My inspiration comes in part from the use of colours in Sami culture, which I have blended with my own palette. You could say that Uman is a multicoloured, minimalist, wool rag rug.” Founded by Anders Färdig, Design House Stockholm started as a creative product development company for other brands in 1992. The ambition is to be a mirror of the very best Scandinavian design today – the term ‘Scandinavian’ referring to a philosophic and aesthetic perspective, rather than geography and nationality. To gather a collection of design classics with timeless appeal and qualities that outlives temporary trends. These are the foundations of Design House Stockholm.