Summer is a time to enjoy the warm weather, sit outside your porches/patios and watch birds flutter around. Eva Solo offers 4 glass bird feeders and Blomus offers 2 stainless steel bird feeders. Let’s start with Eva Solo’s glass bird feeders. They have a mini bird feeder, a bird feeder, small bird table and a large bird table. The mini bird feeders from Eva Solo are popular feeding stations for small birds and help them through the winter. The bird feeders are designed to resemble a weaver bird's nest, and are made of clear glass so you can observe visiting birds. The bird feeder is a hand-blown glass bird feeder with a fixture that can be attached to a branch or under an overhang. With the small and large bird tables, the birdseed dispenses automatically from the hand-blown glass container. You can bird watch in your back yard without leaving your patio. The 2 stainless steel options from Blomus are the Nido house and the Nido half moon bird feeders. The Blomus Nido House bird feeder is not your typical bird house, this contemporary stainless steel feeder will add a modern touch to your outdoor decor. It features a flat seed holder and a peaked roof to shelter birds as they feed. Or the Nido Half Moon bird feeder. The open design allows many birds to feed at once, so sit back and enjoy the pastoral image of birds in your very own backyard.