Next month is Mother’s day. Make sure you get mom a great gift with our jewelry holders. We have 4 quirky, unique and beautiful jewelry holders from Imm Living. Imm Living is based in the eclectic downtown core of Toronto, it is a design company that addresses notions of the past and present. Drawing from the traditional and popular cultures of our world, Imm Living creates designs marrying functionality with a playful sensibility. As varied as the people behind each project, their work is injected with rich meaning, evoking emotion between objects and people, while bridging cultural differences. Imm Living strives to create everyday objects that are not only aesthetically and functionally appealing, but also loveable. Be sure to get mom the Kalyana, Duello, Adorn or Bells of the Ball Wishbone jewelry holders from Imm Living. The last jewelry holder we have is a jewelry tree from Menu. Scandinavian Design Originals. 3 little words. But they express everything for which Menu lives and breathes: A never-ending search for beautiful Scandinavia design with true originality. Aesthetic and practical daily surprises that you become happier and happier to look at, touch and use. Don’t delay, Mother’s Day will be here before you know it.