Kartell has been providing quality products that are both stylish and functional for more than 60 years. Recognized worldwide for their quality, functionality and visual appeal, Kartell’s products are perfect for decorating your space. It masterfully recounted through a product line unique for its variety and originality, composed of objects that express the language and atmosphere of the period in which they were created, but at the same time, are absolutely contemporary, and bear many other values and messages. All this has made them an integral part of the domestic landscape. The classic image of the bedside lamp has been revisited by Kartell technology and transformed into an industrial product. Such as the Kartell “Take” Table Lamp. Made of transparent or colored injected polycarbonate, Take is available in various chromatic tones. The shape comes from the joining of two joined symmetrical parts: two flat, rectangular and two-dimensional plates which each assume the shape and volume of a half-lamp. The internal pleating of the lampshade embellishes the item, creating a play of light when turned on. Designed by Ferruccio Laviani. LBC Modern has transparent colors of: crystal, green, smoke, red, orange, blue and yellow available. Also, available in matte colors of: white and black.