Are you totally plugged into your mobile devices and social media? If that sounds like you, then LBC Modern has the perfect product for you... the Bluelounge Cableyoyo. Cableyoyo is an ultra-thin spool for winding six-foot lengths (1.8m) of charger, USB, firewire, data and telephone low voltage cables, so they cannot tangle, twist, knot or damage. The thin design means it packs, stacks and stows easily. Cableyoyo is sold without any cords. It is designed for use with your cords, in particular, those permanently attached to products such as cell phone chargers and digital accessories. Cableyoyo spools wire manually. It winds and unwinds easily - however, it does not automatically retract the cord.Makes great gifts too. Drawing from interests in art, travel, architecture, fashion, and music the Bluelounge studio creates beautiful products perfect for those forward thinkers looking for something aesthetically pleasing and incredibly useful. Fun and functional products include the Bluelounge Refresh, the Bluelounge Milo Phone docking station and the Bluelounge cablebox. Bluelounge products are the perfect solution for keeping all of your necessities organized in a fun and stylish way. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today. Browse by color and price to find the items that are just right for you. You will not be disappointed. Remember we offer free shipping on orders over $50 and free gift wrapping on all orders.