Ferm Living

A word from the founder.
“The name “ferm” was actually inspired by my grandmother. When she said that someone was “ferm pa fingrene” – i.e. skilled with their hands, literally “good with their fingers” – it was high praise indeed. I like to think that she would approve of the ferm LIVING range; it is modern, but also has a reassuring homelike quality- and we try to make sure that every piece is made well.”
“My designs have always been based in my own life. The very first wallpaper came into being because I couldn’t find that sort of crisp, graphic design I wanted. So I simply decided that if I wanted a specific graphic style, someone else might want it, too – and went ahead and did it. Later, we became parents, and faced a similar situation when it came to design elements for children’s rooms. Later still, we found ourselves needing new things, as we moved into a bigger, loft-like home. Everyday life is my inspiration.”
“I have never created anything on the basis of strategy or cool calculation; it has to come from the heart for me. I am very happy and grateful – and still somewhat surprised! – to see that these designs have appealed to so many people worldwide. And I still stick to the same design philosophy that began it all: doing what feels right. Then it has a much better chance of feeling right for someone else, too.”

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