Philips Luminaire

Imagine a light that looks and feels gentle and welcoming. A comfortable light with an ambience so natural that it makes you feel right at home. Imagine revolutionary lighting design so minimalist and versatile that you can use it in your home in radical new ways. Yet so stylish and contemporary you'll want to make it the centrepiece of your interior. Philips Ledino is a complete range of indoor lighting using advanced state of the art LED technology. It's a light with a minimalist essence that defies traditional boundaries, creating light and light forms of inspiring purity and beauty.Finally there is a way to express your sense of style with indoor and outdoor lighting. Philips Ledino Outdoor is the exterior light range that's the perfect complement to modern interior design. And best of all, it doesn't cost the earth to install. Imagine a light source that's energy efficient and long lasting for up to 20,000 hrs (nominal lamp lifetime), so you never need to worry about changing a bulb again. At Philips we use our expertise to develop sustainable solutions for people around the world. You have the power to make a real difference by simply switching to energy efficient lighting. Philips Ledino saves 80% on energy compared to a conventional light source.

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